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SolarSpace is a world leading solar cell and module manufacturer with high efficient solar technology production in China and over the world. It is one of top 4 leading solar cell manufacturers and provides high quality solar modules using core cell technology worldwide.

RCS SOLAR is confident that this partnership will strengthen our ability to provide the best solar solutions that exactly fits to the needs of the customers in Israel.

SS8-72HD 555M

SS8-72HD 570N

SS8-72HS 560M

SS8-72HD 585N

SS8-72HD 595N

BloombergNEF Tier 1 Ranking

SolarSpace is a Tier 1 manufacturer on BloombergNEF ranking report, as a leading player in the global solar energy industry.

SolarSpace technology has been embedded in the world's leading solar manufacturers such as Longi, Trina Solar, Ja Solar and Jinko Solar for about a decade.

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