RCS SOLAR, a partner in LONGI’s success

RCS SOLAR has chosen to partner with Longi, the world’s leading solar panel supplier, to provide the best solution in Israel for solar panels.

LONGI’s solar panels are the market’s leading products and have quality certifications from the largest research companies in the field. LONGI is the largest, most reliable and high-quality solar panel manufacturer in the world who are widely known for their pursuit of excellence. By partnering with Longi, RCS Solar provides a comprehensive solution to customers in Israel with a wide range of high-quality, reliable products and systems.


Because of the power

The company was ranked by BloombergNEF as the largest panel maker in the world for the production of mono panels and mono cells. Per the Tier-1 company report, LONGI produces GW65 per year, while the second-ranked company does not come close to this performance and in fact lags by a considerable margin.

LONGI is active on five continents and has an annual turnover of $7.4 billion, with assets under management of approximately $9 billion. There is no other manufacturer of solar panels with the financial strength of LONGI. And that is their power

Because of the quality

LONGI is considered the most reliable and high-quality manufacturer of solar panels in the world, It was given an AAA rating by the research company ModuleTech-PV and won the “Top Performer for 2021” title for their high standards that are difficult to compete with

Because of the stability

According to a BloombergNEF 1-Tier report, LONGI is the most financially stable manufacturer of solar panels. And no less important – the only one in this class whose products are marketed in Israel. This is a strategic partner best suited to the Israeli market and RCS SOLAR is proud to provide our customers with a quality product, from a stable and strong manufacturer

Economic Strength

Solar panels get a warranty for 25-30 years so by far the most important metric of all  is the stability and economic viability of the company covering the warranty. Longi’s economic resilience and long term market forecast makes for a good choice today.

Longi is the only company that has been at the top of Altman Bloomberg’s list all these years and whose products are imported to Israel. Meaning that LONGI has been ranked in recent years as the company most immune of all the companies