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LONGI - Quality. Reliability. Financial stability

LONGI is the largest, most reliable, and highest quality manufacturer of solar panels in the world. LONGI assists us at RCS SOLAR to offer clients excellent, uncompromising quality, the high reliability of a leading manufacturer, and the solid guarantee of a stable and resilient firm.

LONGI quality

Throughout Israel, installers and project managers enjoy the reliable and continuous operation of our solar panels.

LONGI allows our clients to enjoy an optimal return on their investment in solar projects and simultaneously gives them confidence in secure financial stability over the long term.

Using solar energy to build a greener world

In order to to provide the optimal solar panel solution in Israel, we chose LONGI – the leading partner worldwide. LONGI solar panels are the leading product in the solar energy industry, with quality certified by the biggest research firms in the field.

LONGI is the world’s largest, most reliable, and highest-quality manufacturer of solar panels. LONGI helps us at RCS SOLAR – the sole Israeli distributor – keep striving for excellence. The unique features of these products allow us to provide clients with comprehensive solutions.

The strongest company in the world

Ranked in BloombergNEF’s TIER 1 report as the largest panel manufacturer in the world. Operates on five continents with an annual turnover of 8.4 billion dollars.

Manufacturer of the world’s most reliable and highest-quality panels

Research firm PVEL crowned LONGI with 20 Top Performer awards on reliability tests for solar panels in 2022

Stability and reliability

Acclaimed as the world’s most financially stable company and ranked AAA by research firm PV-Module Tech

Proven financial resilience in the field

Ranked first by Altman and Bloomberg The most financially resilient company in Israel

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