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Ginlong (Solis) Technologies Co. Ltd. is considered one of the most experienced and leading manufacturers of SOLIS solar inverters in the world. The diverse solutions offered by SOLIS are known and recognized for their innovative technology for residences, businesses and commerce. The brand is financially capable. SOLIS that meets the most stringent international standards is high and stable with support from the world's leading financial institutions and global service centers that have passed SOLIS and ship products to more than a hundred countries around the world. The converters of adaptation to the European markets with innovation and adaptation to the market demands and the European regulatory requirements.

Economical stability
as a strong international standard

SOLIS has offices around the world and after-sales technical service centers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Romania, and more. It has a global supply chain and world-leading research and development and production capabilities.
Ginlong Solis is the first and only publicly traded company with a primary focus on string converters. Also, in terms of financial stability, SOLIS is recognized by the leading financial institutions in the world such as BloombergNEF, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse.
According to the BloombergENF Altman report - SOLIS is rated "economic stability" - in the greenest and strongest zone.

Product-oriented engineering

The SOLIS company is ranked among the 2 best solar inverter companies in the world. SOLIS products are known for their great popularity and are installed in over 100 countries.
The SOLIS systems are optimally adjusted for maximum performance throughout the day, and have technological possibilities of remote control and monitoring.
SOLIS is committed to a global vision based on product-centric engineering, putting customers at the center of our most critical decisions, and ensuring that we play our part in the clean energy transition by helping to make it more efficient, safer and more reliable.

RCS SOLAR finds in Ginlong Solis a long-term senior strategic partner due to its commitment to reliability, product quality and service provision.

Proven financial strength

The first and only publicly traded company with a primary focus on string converters. Recognized by the leading financial organizations in the world.

Service and Flexibility

Own global service centers that ship products to more than 100 countries around the world.


Ranked among the 2 best companies in single-phase string converters in the world.
SOLIS products are very popular and are installed in over 100 countries.

Stability and reliability

More than 17 years in the solar market

Warranty *

Solis products are supplied with an industry standard 5 year warranty

Warranty *

There is an option of extending the standard warranty for an additional 5 years by registering inverter to have a full 10 years locally backed Optimum warranty.
* The warranty can be extended even to 15 years and 20 years

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