RCS SOLAR is one of the RCS GROUP's international RCS SOLAR one of the largest distributor of solar panels in Israel. RCS Solar is a subsidiary of the RCS Group, a conglomerate of international distribution companies

For over 12 years, RCS SOLAR has been a cornerstone of Israel’s solar energy market, distributing the most innovative and leading solutions. Since its establishment, RCS SOLAR has represented the top companies in the solar panel arena and was chosen by LONGI to be their exclusive distributer of solar panels. LONGI is the largest, most reliable, stable and high-quality solar panel manufacturer in the world, continuously ranked first place in all parameters

Work with RCS Solar for our knowledge, experience and reputation as a strong trading company with proven financial strength in the field. Our team of experts build a customized solution for every customer with the largest and highest quality brands in the world

We see you, our customers, as partners, and provide you with a highly flexible and professional logistics system. We make every effort to be a professional and reliable source in Israel for the best solar products in the world

Quality. Reliability. Financial Stability - LONGI Delivers the Goods

RCS SOLAR proudly partners with solar projects that benefit from the quality of LONGI’S products. Thanks to its undisputed position in the market and the unparalleled quality of its products, LONGI is the world’s largest supplier of mono cells (WAFERS)

When you use RCS Solar for your project, you get quality products from LONGI, a reliable partner and peace of mind

We are proud that all over the country, installers and project managers have chosen RCS Solar and LONGI panels. They benefit from smooth operation and solar panels that are reliable, while maintaining stability in outputs and production volume. By using LONGI panels, our customers enjoy an optimal return on investment in their projects and long term stable economic security.

RCS Solar 

The Best Deal Under the Sun